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Hydra is the star constellation of the powerful and tireless water snake derived from Greek mythology and stands for THE FIRST HYDROGEN-FUELED AIRPORT BUS in the world.

Hydrogen is a new path through innovation and COBUS is pioneering manufacturer of this STATE-OF-THE-ART DRIVE TECHNOLOGY for airport mobility. This is also giving a boost to the modernization of airport infrastructure as Hydrogen, even in small quantities, has a huge capacity for energy storage.

Product Highlights

  • A new path through innovation»
  • Be efficient with an extended autonomy»
  • First fuel cell airport bus in the market»
  • Safe and proven technology with the Toyota Fuel Cell Stack»

The COBUS Hydra is based on the original COBUS design with the following advantages:

  • Refilling time is less than 9 minutes depending on the station
  • Operational pressure: 350 bar
  • Autonomy: up to 400 kilometers
  • Water can be collected for later use

The latest member of the COBUS star family

The COBUS Hydra fuel cell airport bus is developed in-house and based on the proven concept of the e.COBUS 3000. It is also possible to convert existing COBUS fleets into sustainable, Hydrogen-powered buses providing low noise and low emissions.

Our challenge every day is to build the future of airside passenger mobility.

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