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Economic success and growth are undoubtedly important aspects for COBUS, but so are “change” and a “living spirit”. Our industry has been changing over the years and is moving forward faster than ever: New challenges from mega trends such as integrated transport solutions, digitalization, autonomous drive, artificial intelligence as well as new economic and especially ecological challenges have to be mastered.

Change is positive and generates great opportunities in this fast-moving world. Being open-minded, having the spirit of moving forward hand in hand with innovation and team work made us world leader in our sector. We honor values such as respect, transparency and ambition, never forgetting our tradition and the experiences we made on our way to our today’s position.

If you feel like “fitting” in this challenging culture, and want to join our team, please contact us. We look forward to your expertise, your ideas and your innovative spirit. Help us shaping our future to become a corporate success with your commitment and grow with us.


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