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Attention – Attention – Attention

Attention – Attention – Attention


We have been informed about illegal activities in India using COBUS as a method to obtain cash payments by fraud.
In personal meetings, persons claim that they are representatives from COBUS or that they work for a local COBUS subsidiary. During the meeting, they ask for urgent financial help (hard cash) due to a private situation (e.g. lost wallet) and promise to pay it back.

General rules:
1) COBUS employees never ask for hard cash or cheques, neither in a private nor business situations.
2) COBUS bank accounts are installed in Germany only. COBUS would never ask you to transfer money to a bank account in a different country.
3) COBUS representatives are never authorized to collect payments on behalf of COBUS.
4) COBUS does not change bank account information in an ongoing process.

If you were faced with any deviation from above rules, please report immediately to:
Please understand that COBUS cannot be hold responsible for fraudulent activities by third parties.